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celebrate the seragaki homos by listening to
happy birthday idiots (☞゚∀゚)☞ ! 
it's finally finished. here's my mix dedicated to the seragaki
homos, which also includes 1 secret track for each birthday
boy, muahah enjoy urselves. /art cred
he's like a good luck charm.


this does not ever get old

blushinshota said: Killin' it with the secret tracks on the Serengeki birthday mix lmao

ayyYyyey amazing bcuz im having a livestream atm and aobas secret track just came on and iM KILLIN IT

dmmd AMV livestream.

come watch the livestream!

i’m livestreaming while making a dmmd amv. so, if u wanna learn more about video editing and/or sony vegas, come watch. and i’ll answer all your questions in the chat or if u want my skype it doesnt matter ouo/ and yea i could use some feedback too tbh since this is my first time making serious stuff in sv

anD ALSO, reblog this and spread the word in case someone is interested!

Anonymous said: Whats the name of that character flicking all that money in the GIF you posted yesterday?

lmao that’s noiz from dramatical murder


I would not have expected beautiful, graceful Kaworu to look so good with those piercings.


Anonymous said: wait wait wait wait wait wait in which game (and which part) of the game does it show Noiz giving Aoba the suit and stuff?~

ayyy it’s not from the game it’s from dive into dmmd which is like an extra
it’s on dvd, u can watch the translated parts here