[ let's ditch this jazz. ]
ENI | 18 | I/ESTP
frequent gamer and occasional cosplayer. aspiring dj/music producer & voice actress uhh i have no idea what my blog is anymore tbh

Anonymous: also I'm in love with your abs. I'd quite like to attempt to eat them too.

thank you thats really nice buT HOLy WAT U UP TO SOME CANNIBAL CRAYCRAY?????

madame-de-fer: WHAT A CUTIEEEEEEEE. Can I romance you?

ohm y god thank you and yes u just have to get enough approval and ur good to go (note: u get my approval by giving me free pizza)

Anonymous: You're so gorgeous and amazing and I kind of want to eat your face because I can't deal with your cute.




Stop it


mood: levi stabbing a huge fish


Anonymous: hi i hope u have a good day lovely!!!

yooo thank you so much!!! right back at ya!!

Anonymous: hey i think ur really cool i like u a lot maybe we should hang out or something

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